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Pick-up Service, with GOGOX, is now available in Space Next Door.


GOGOX offers logistics services that include door-to-door deliveries and customized logistics solutions across multiple platforms in seven markets.

How to Book GOGOX Service through Space Next Door website:

1. As you proceed with your booking online and click on Reserve this Unit, next is the option for Services. You have the option to avail of the pick-up service by selecting the choices. Scrolling on the right will show you a broader option as below:

🚚 Van (From size XXS to XS)

Size: L2.4m x W1.5m x H1.2m

🚚 Small Truck - Lorry 10 (From size XS to S)

Size: L10ft. x W5ft. x H6ft.

Maximum Weight: < 1.5 ton

🚚 Medium Truck - Lorry 14 (From Size M to L)

Size: L14ft. x W6ft. x H7ft.

Maximum Weight: < 2.5 ton

🚚 Big Truck - Lorry 24 (From Size L or more)

Size: L7.5m. x W2.35m x H2.36m.

Maximum Weight: < 2.5 ton

2. After selecting your preferred pick-up service, fill up the Collection Details. Collection details include your:

  • Address (location on where to collect your stuff)

  • Pick-up time

3. After filling up the Collection Details, next is the option to require movers if you need help moving your stuff. Select Yes, I want help to move my stuff to the storage if you require movers. These movers will help you move the stuff right from your door to your unit in Space Next Door.

If you do not want to avail of this, select No, I will move the stuff by myself.

4. After completing the above steps, you will be redirected to the Check out page. On this page, you will be able to see your Booking Details. Next to it displays the summary of the Service.

What happens after I book my pick-up Service?

GOGOX will designate a driver and a mover (if required).
In case you may need to require special skills (e.g. dismantling etc.), you may contact GOGOX directly and request that service.

Your pick up service will be available on the mobile app and If you did not download the apps please follow these links:

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, you may cancel the booking by sending an email to:

GOGOX Operating Hours

0800hrs – 2200hrs

7 days a week

We're here to help!

If you have further questions, you may reach our customer support by sending us a message through our chat icon and we will be glad to assist you. 😊

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