Cancellation of your existing booking via the web platform has made easier.
You can now cancel your web bookings using Space Next Door mobile application by following these simple steps.

But firstly, users need to download the app. Use the links provided below:



1. In the mobile application, log in using the email address or mobile number associated with your web booking.

2. In the Home page, you can see your booking details and latest transactions. Click More Details on the booking you wish to cancel.

3. Click Cancel Booking.

4. A prompt of your cancellation confirmation will appear, including the cancellation details.

5. Just click continue and your booking will be cancelled.
You will also receive an email confirmation.

Cancellation of the existing booking needs to have confirmed status but not active. Meaning, the booking did not met the day of move in (customer did not checked in).

If you already did the check In, then you should request a termination, visit

For cancellation policies, please click

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