Upon fulfillment of the booking process via our website,
An 📧 Email of the booking confirmation will be sent to you.
You can also see your booking confirmation via our 📱 Mobile app.

1. Via 📧 Email

2. Via 📱 Mobile App

One of our team will be reaching out to you to provide you the access code to access your unit and to coordinate accordingly for further important details.

If you need help or you have further inquiries related to bookings,
One of our Customer Service is ready to help you.

Just simply send us a direct message in our 📩 Chat icon.

You can download our mobile app to maximize the use of its features:

📌Managing transactions
📌Terminating your bookings

In accordance with our :
Cancellation Policy: https://help-center.spacenextdoor.com/en/articles/5525533
Termination policy: https://help-center.spacenextdoor.com/en/articles/5525525

👋 We're here to help!
If you have further questions, you may reach our Customer Support by sending us a message through our Chat icon and we will be glad to assist you.

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